The Vision Behind VTION

Empowering Brands to Thrive in a Privacy-First World

What’s Happening in Today’s Privacy-First World?

Solid consumer behavior analysis is what allows marketing professionals and advertisers to build a robust marketing strategy. Until recently, the way consumers and target audiences behaved could be discovered and was readily available through cookies, Apple IDFA, and third-party data pools. But the trouble in the paradise began with the privacy activist becoming active globally.

How is This Affecting Marketers & Advertisers?

This greater privacy and user control over consumer data are causing major stress for marketers across the board, and for the right reasons – the rising ad costs, losing the ability to effectively plan intelligent campaign strategies, ambiguity in running personalized and targeted campaigns at scale, lack of surety in effectively measuring campaign performance, and lower ROAS.
As the landscape changes, marketers will no longer be able to track the apps downloaded on a user’s phone. Tracking user intent and discovering user interest will become increasingly complex, especially now that marketers and advertisers have become highly reliant on consumer behavior data. On top of that, showing ads to the right target group will also be a task.
All of this could mean campaigns across brands can become ineffective. This is causing advertisers and marketers to ask some difficult questions:

Will I be able to accurately target audience cohorts based on behavioral data?

Will my ads attract the right eyeballs?

Is my ad better than my competitor's ad?

Is my ad better than my competitor's ad?

How will I attain higher ROAS across campaigns?

How will I attain higher ROAS across campaigns?

How will I learn what my customers want?

What will I rely on when I want to optimize my campaigns?

How will I track the efficacy of my ads?

These transformations and the landscape evolving towards a privacy-first world leave advertisers with a short window to figure out a new marketing strategy. In case the point is not conveyed clearly here, we are talking about losing a massive market share and data of over a billion users!

How will advertisers and marketers develop strategies going forward?

The unprecedented reset for advertisers as the new regulatory landscape rapidly changes with the ecosystem shifting towards a privacy-first model with no cookies is to rely on zero-party data.

Gone are the days when there was a vast data pool and maximum third-party data providers. The need of the hour is to build trust-based dialogue with customers transitioning into a strong bond in which data is exchanged “with consent.” 

Marketers and advertisers will have to devise strategies to build relationships with customers to collect their own data. But this could mean a lot of extra work and effort. It could also mean a lot of time to collect this data to have enough substantial information.

It is not as simple as it sounds and comes with its own challenges. Luckily with evolving AI technology and the need for new business models, data providers are shifting to collecting their own zero-party data, with the consent of the users, which they can present to brands, advertisers, and marketers to help with their campaigns.


VTION is a Digital Consumer Behavior Intelligence Platform that collects its own data on a zero-party basis from an Opt-In, GDPR Compliant, and Paid Panel. Data is collected from Android Smartphones with an SDK/App combination using a method that is patent-granted in India and US.

Consumer Side

Install VTION App on
Consumer’s phone with full opt in
VTION SDK within App collects SPECIFIC Data as consented by Consumer passively

Compute Side

Content MetaTags
(YT Channels, Video & Audio OTT)
Advertisements seen / heard
(FBook, Insta, YT, Video & Audio OTT)
Ecommerce Click Stream
(Cart / Ads / Product / Search)
All Data is tabulated with Business Rules as agreed with Customers

Customer Side

Interactive Dashboards for App Usage, Cross Tabs & Competition
Ecommerce Path To Purchase Streams with Share Of Product, Ads, Cart analyses
Ads Dashboards with Impact, Competition & ROI
We have built a panel of 70,000 consumers in India, proportionately representing almost 300 Mn people in India. We get more than 24 Mn lines of data per day from more than 1200 Apps, detailing App Availability, App Usage, Time Spent, and Cross Tabs with other Apps. All this is in Real-Time. Using Data Science Technologies on this collected data, VTION helps brands and businesses get accurate insights on App Usage, Content Consumption, Personalization Opportunities, and Activation of select audience segments on Ad Networks via DMPs.
VTION brings advertisers and marketers end-to-end data of single-source app behavior. We leverage smartphones to provide the following innovative insights:

App Installed
Across Categories

Ecommerce Habits
and Browsing

YouTube Content

Ads on Social Media

YouTube Ads

Usage of 3000+
Apps in 28 categories

Ads on Audio,
Video OTT

Audio/ Video OTT
Content Consumption

Get Ready for a Privacy-First World

Let VTION equip you to win in a privacy-first digital ecosystem