Supercharge Your Campaign Performance With Spot-On Audience Targeting

Create hyper-focused seed audience sets based on demographics, app-usage behavior, ad and content consumption patterns and eComm shopping behavior.

Elevate Your Campaign Performance in 3 Easy Steps

Select Your Seed
Audience Set

Pick from our pre-built list of curated audiences or create your own laser-focused custom audiences.

Audience Activation
on DMP

Activating your VTION audience sets the DMP of your choice to get highly-relevant lookalike audiences for your campaigns.

Deliver Higher

Eliminate ad waste and boost your campaign performance by targeting accurate and highly-effective audiences.

Pre-built seed audience sets that match your target consumer

Fast-track your campaigns with VTION’s ready-to-use seed audience sets. Slay your campaign goals with our highly accurate audience sets built with real-time, deterministic behavioral data.

Payment App Users

Regular Movie Watchers

Cricket Lovers

E-Commerce App Users

Indian Music Lovers

Premium OTT Users


Business Owners

Frequent Payment Infrequent E-Commerce

Banking App Users

MBA probables

Crypto Currency App Users

Smart Phone Probables

Skin Care on EComm

International Music Lovers

Luxe Skin Care Brands on EComm

Stock Broking App Users

Real Money Gamers

Tech Savvy

Car Reviewers

Female Upmarket Fashionista

Working Moms

Online Premium Toiletries buyers

Online Snack buyers

Online Grocery buyers

Transactors Amazon

Browsers Amazon

Create your own high-impact audience set

Didn’t find what you needed in our pre-built audiences? No problem.
With VTION, you can mix and match and handpick your own custom audience seed set. Leverage our in-depth panel data to segmentize and hyper-target the exact audiences that match your unique campaign criteria.

Device Intel

Segment audiences based on the network they are on, which handset they use and what apps they install.


Filter audiences by age, gender, NCCS, townclass and location.

Ad Intelligence

Select audiences based on the Ads they see and engage with on Social, YouTube and OTT Apps.

Content Consumption

Target audiences based on their content consumption across YouTube and Audio/Video OTT apps.

eComm Shopping Behavior

Find audiences based on their actual shopping behavior within eComm apps.

Achieve accurate targeting with custom audiences built from rich behavioral data on/with VTION.

Accurate audience targeting in a privacy- first world

With IDFA gone and a cookie-less future fast approaching, advertisers are worried about rising ad costs, ambiguity in running targeted campaigns at scale and lack of surety in delivering high ROAS. VTION’s patented technology provides a path-breaking solution to ensure that your campaigns continue to reach the right audiences.